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TIDY focus on building a long-lasting relationship with all of our Clients.

Leveraging on our expertise and experience, we provide sustainable and cost effective end-to-end solutions, tailored to the needs of our clients.

 We are committed to provide our client our best support and customer service for every single service rendered.

waste recycling Singapore
Our company started off with dry waste disposal services as the core of our business. With our rich expertise and knowledge, we will provide you an effective solution to dispose all type of waste at a competitive pricing. Be it construction waste disposal or wet waste disposal, you name it, we will dispose it.   Call us to check out more information if you require any special orders/assistance.

Wet Waste Disposal (Food Waste)

There is a growing trend for the need of the disposal service of wet waste. These includes our daily consumables/perishable items such as food and etc. Recently, TIDY have expanded our service and fleet to support the needs of our clients for wet waste disposal. This is a additional step allows  us to serve our client better and to provide a more comprehensive package to our customer.   Feel free to give us a call now!
Skip tank Singapore
We provide bulky item disposal / transportation service as well. Our company currently have 3 lorries with crane which allows us to transport bulky items such as 20ft containers, concrete slab of up to 2 tonnes per object.   Any queries feel free to drop us a call and have a chat with us!
Skip tank Singapore
We have various type of containers to suit your needs and requirements.

  1. 3.5ft by 8ft by 16ft Open Top Container
  2. 5ft by 8ft by 16ft Open Top Container
  3. 7ft by 8ft by 16ft Open Top Container
  4. 4ft by 4ft by 4ft Small Container
  5. 5ft by 5ft by 5ft Small Container