Who Are We

Tidy has more than 30 years of experience in recycling and providing rubbish disposal services in Singapore,  we provide customised disposal solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Tidy believes in environmental protection and we implement best practices of the industry to maximise the amount of recyclables from our clients’ waste.

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of service to our clients. Tidy has built strong working relationship with our clients over the years through excellent customer service. Tidy has grow as a result of recommendation from our satisfied clients. Good customer service will continue to be our core value as we grow.

Our Accreditations

General Waste collector (Class A & B)

Class A: Inorganic waste (e.g. construction and renovation debris, tree trunks and branches, discarded furniture, electrical appliances, wooden crates, pallets and other bulky items destined for disposal); and Recyclable waste (excluding food waste)
Class B: Organic waste (e.g. food and other putrefiable waste from domestic, trade and industrial premises, markets and food centres (excluding used cooking oil))

General Waste Disposal Facility

A General Waste Disposal Facility is able to receives, stores, sorts, treats or processes general waste, and includes recycling facilities.


Our Service Standard

Competitive Pricing

We are committed to provide our best service at a competitive pricing.
So if you find a lower price from another supplier, tell us and we will try to match it!

Operational Ready 24/7

Our customer service officer is just a call/whatsapp away.
Our diligent drivers are available round the clock.
All ready to ensure that your disposal needs are meet in 24/7.

Solutions to Your Problems

With the vast experience and exposure in the waste disposal market. We utilize our experience and expertise to be a one stop shop to all your waste worries.